Paying attention to utility costs can be very beneficial because they tend to add up and can be very tricky due to the various surcharges and indirect costs. Here are some links to articles that give tips to help save money on utilities and also links to that provide utility assistance.

Tips on saving money on utilities:

  • Set your water heater to the lowest setting. Turning the water heater to a lower setting keeps the saves money by not having to keep the water as hot, plus it's a safer temperature.
  • Keep the curtains and drapes closed during the hottest part of the summer, keeping the heat out and the cool in. In the winter, open them during the middle of the day for the opposite effect.
  • Use the dryer only in the early morning or late at night. For even better savings, use an inexpensive clothing dryer rack to hang laundry on to dry.
  • Close vents in rooms that are not in use. Keep doors shut to rooms that are not in use.
  • Turning off the stove oven about seven minutes before a dish is done will save money. The heat of the oven will allow the dish to finish cooking.
  • When possible, prepare enough food at one cooking that will last for more than one meal. Freeze part of the meal for another time. Preparing more than enough at one time saves on cooking time and money.
  • Use Your Dishwasher: Contrary to popular belief, it takes more water to hand-wash dishes than it takes to them in the dishwasher.
  • Don't Pre-Rinse Dishes: Scrape food from plates, and let your dishwasher do the rest.
  • Only Run the Dishwasher When Full: You'll use the same amount of water whether you run a full load or a partial load.
  • Install a Faucet Aerator: It screws onto the bottom of your faucet to reduce water flow, without reducing water pressure. You can even get some that swivel to allow you to direct the water where you need it. Note: If you have a newer faucet, it may already have one built-in.

Please also visit the websites below for more information on utility savings